Position Title:  Executive Director, Biomedical Research Institute of New Mexico

The Executive Director (ED) of the Biomedical Research Institute of New Mexico (BRINM) provides overall leadership, direction, and administration of all programs and services to fulfil the successful mission of the Institute. The Executive Director protects BRINM’s financial assets and functions as the operational leader of the Institute. The Executive Director is responsible for the implementation and compliance of policies set by the Board of Directors and applicable grantor, federal and state requirements, and serves as an authorized representative of the Board of Directors in all matters. In cooperation with the Board of Directors, the Executive Director maintains and supports an appropriate committee structure, accurate and sufficient management information, and facility planning.


External Relations and Representation of BRINM

  • Fosters productive relationships with staff, researchers, and members of the New Mexico Veterans Affairs Healthcare System (NMVAHCS), VA Regional Counsel and other regional and national VA offices, University of New Mexico, VA Cooperative Studies Program, National Institutes of Health, Department of Health and Human Services, the National Association of Veterans Research and Education Foundations, universities and the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Establishes and cultivates collaborative and strategic partnerships between BRINM and the community, with its affiliates, with charitable and other organizations, and regulatory agencies.

Strategic Planning and Leadership

  • Works closely with the Board of Directors and BRINM’s executive team to develop and update the Institute’s strategic plan and vision.
  • Provides leadership in the implementation of the Institute’s strategic goals, objectives, and plans and continually refines and improves operations.
  • Continuously monitors developments in the non-profit medical research arena, researching successful programs to introduce new ideas to advance BRINM’s programs and financial well-being.
  • Stays abreast of industry/market needs and shifts; recommends and implements modifications to meet changing needs, manages government relations.

Board Relations

  • Provides leadership support, and information to facilitate board members’ efforts to develop policy, assure sound financial practices, and maintain mission-driven governance and decision-making.
  • Communicate regularly to the Board regarding achievement of strategic, goals objectives, action plans, and financial status of the organization, updates on current initiatives/activities, and other issues relevant to the Board.
  • Seeks and provides advice and direction in conjunction with Board requirements/needs.
  • Implements Board approved policies, program goals, objectives, and action plans.
  • Orients new Board members.

BRINM Operations

  • Leads staff in the development and implementation of short- and long-range plans and policies and other activities. Oversees special projects and performs other duties as needed to fulfill the goals and objectives of the organization.
  • Defines and oversees continuous quality improvement (CQI) and applicable operational BRINM functions, especially those related to BRINM’s service package to the internal medical research community.
  • Leads BRINM initiated facility strategic planning activities.
  • Conducts annual negotiations with the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) regarding indirect overhead rates.
  • Ensures that all contractual obligations are being fulfilled.
  • Serves as the Executive Director of the Institute as defined in the revised NPC authorizing statue, codified at 38 USC 7361-7366.
  • Develops and maintains strong working relationships with the VA Cooperative Studies Program, research investigators and their staffs to ensure they are provided with appropriate support systems and responsive, quality service in the areas of grant preparation and management, project and fiscal accounting, human resources, information technology and other administrative functions.
  • Promotes an open communication system at all levels and develops and maintains a strong leadership and management team.
  • Organizes the administrative functions of the organization, delegates duties, and establishes formal means of accountability for subordinates.
  • Ensures that a solid system of policies and procedures exist to guide the day-to-day operations of BRINM.
  • Ensures that appropriate decision-making procedures exist in the organization.

Financial Management

  • Monitors, directs, and evaluates the fiscal performance of BRINM to assure quality service within projected expenditures.
  • Directs the development of the annual operating budgets for BRINM and monitors the receipt and expenditure of funds to assure fiscal responsibility.
  • Supervises the business affairs of BRINM to assure that its funds are expended appropriately and effectively through a strong system of internal controls.
  • Represents BRINM in business negotiations; executes business agreements and/or arrangements on behalf of BRINM.
  • Oversees appropriate financial management of the Institute, development and implementation of the annual budget, and BRINM’s investment portfolio and cash management.
  • Provides leadership and direction for the organization’s ongoing financial responsibility.

Human Resource Management

  • Oversees strategic HR leadership that supports the needs of the organization and goals of management. Ensures BRINM’s culture fosters a workplace environment consistent with the values and mission of the Institute.
  • Develops and administers effective and sound personnel procedures to keep the organization in compliance with required laws/regulations.
  • Manages, mentors, and supervises direct reports, providing ongoing support and feedback, and formally evaluating performance at least annually. Addresses performance issues in a timely manner.
  • Ensures the organization’s human resource, organization development, benefits, safety, payroll, employee relations program, etc., are designed to meet the needs of the Institute and its employees and foster a solid recruitment, retention, and excellent performing environment.

Governance functions delegated by Board or Directors to BRINM staff

  • Provides effective management information, advice, and counsel to the Chairman of the Board, Board Committees, and the Board of Directors in the creation of policies, programs, and strategic direction of the Institute.
  • Supports the Board Chairman’s activities including staffing for all Board and Committee meetings, meeting schedules, locations, development of agenda, and meeting materials.
  • Ensures adherence to all applicable federal, state, and funding agency regulations.
  • Seeks legal advice when necessary.

Development and Fundraising

  • Develops strategies, plans, and implements research fundraising activities that support the mission, vision, and values of the nonprofit.
  • Establishes mutually beneficial relationships with the VA Cooperative Studies Program, and potential and existing research investigators or organizations to support strategic fundraising goals of the nonprofit.
  • Lead efforts and involves the Board of Directors to develop and implement activities to identify, solicit, involve and retain research investigators contributing to the success of the nonprofit.
  • Develops and maintains quality research community relationships on behalf of the nonprofit.
  • Provides support and leadership for research investigator projects, events of fundraising activities.
  • Organizes and oversees the business plan for a Booth Exhibit Program to gain exposure for BRINM and the VA Cooperative Studies Program at various association meetings, shows and expositions in an effort to develop partnerships and collaborations with industry and academia in the area of clinical trial research.


Responsible for supervision of all personnel in the BRINM Administrative Office.


Proven ability to manage large volume of diverse demands within given timelines. Superior diplomacy and ability to reason required. Outstanding representation skills and strong interpersonal skills required. Ability to communicate vision and motivate others required.

Strategic Planning and Leadership

Visionary leader with experience directing an evolving organization in adapting to market forces to best benefit the organization. Demonstrated successful visioning and strategic planning skills. Ability to lead, influence, inspire, and motivate individuals and teams, including staff, the board, academicians and partners. Team builder who has experience in scaling up organizations. Capacity to enforce accountability, develop and empower leaders from the bottom up, lead from the top down, cultivate entrepreneurship, and learn the strengths and weaknesses of the team to put people in a position to succeed.

Planning and Organization

Demonstrated ability to translate the vision and strategy into an operational plan. Demonstrated track record of setting and meeting goals. Strong decision making, organization, planning, and implementation skills. Ability to set priorities, analyze and resolve problems.

Financial Management and Fundraising

Successful experience developing and managing financial plans, forecasts and budgets. A record of successful fundraising experience, including cultivating, soliciting and stewarding significant gifts.

Personnel Management

Demonstrated experience attracting, managing, developing, evaluating, and retaining staff. Ability to lead, influence, and motivate individuals and teams. Skill in holding people accountable and developing their abilities to do their jobs. Ability to develop leaders.

Interpersonal Skills/Communications

Excellent verbal and written communication skills and respectful, collaborative, effective approach to building alliances to strengthen the organization. Relationship builder who can comfortably connect with organizational and external partners.


  • MBA or other equivalent advanced degree in a related field or medical research field and at least five years of senior executive level experience with a non-profit organization with annual revenues of at least $2 million.


  • An equivalent combination of education and experience.

Must have relevant and current knowledge of education, grants and research administration. Record of successful fundraising and business development initiatives highly desirable.

Salary is based on qualification, education, and experience.

Posting Date:  March 16, 2020                                                                                       

Application Deadline:  April 15, 2020                                                                           

Please submit resumes/CVs to the Cooperative Studies Program, 2401 Centre Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM  87106-4180 via mail, or e-mail to

BRINM is committed to Affirmative Action, Equal Employment and compliance with all laws and regulations pertaining to Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity. No person employed by BRINM shall be discriminated against because of race, sex, color, age, religion, national origin, ancestry, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicap or medical condition.  All selection methods and criteria will be based on job related criteria and individual merit.