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Policy Guidelines

General Policy Statement

These policies are intended to serve as guidelines. No policy guidelines can anticipate every circumstance or question that may arise. As BRINM continues to grow, the need may arise to change policies described in these guidelines. Therefore, BRINM reserves the right to revise, supplement, or rescind any policy or portion of the guidelines from time to time as it deems appropriate, in its sole and absolute discretion. Principal investigators (PI) and BRINM employees, if applicable, will be notified of such changes as they occur. The programs and operations of BRINM are subject to the scrutiny and review of the VA Inspector General (I.G.).

No policy of BRINM shall be knowingly carried out if it conflicts with Federal, State or Local authority or to the common ethical principles of academic medicine. In keeping with this, no activities of BRINM shall involve monies, income or any direct personal benefit to members of the corporation.

Money may be accepted by BRINM from such sources as private, non-profit agencies engaged in the support of research and/or education in medicine, from commercial organizations involved in the development of new drugs and devices, federal grants (i.e., NIH, DOE, etc.) or in the support of medical research and/or education, from honoraria or consultant's fees obtained elsewhere. All checks must be made payable to the Biomedical Research Institute of New Mexico. Funds received in support of a particular activity can be accepted only if the principal investigator (PI) holds an appointment at the NMVAHS and only if the VA Research Committee has approved the project. A letter, memorandum or contract stating whether the funds are for restricted or unrestricted research, continuing research and/or education, must accompany all checks.

It is important to contact the BRINM administrative office as soon as possible once a decision has been made to apply for a (non-VA) peer reviewed grant or enter into a clinical trial. This will help avoid unnecessary delays and may even prove to be helpful. In the case of grant submissions, there are often many forms to be completed, some of which require signatures from BRINM and/or VA officials that are not always easy to obtain. In addition, the BRINM administrative office may have the necessary application information, forms, etc. to assist the PI with a grant submission. For clinical trials, the sponsor of the study will usually have a legal agreement that must be reviewed and signed by a BRINM officer. In most cases the agreement will require modifications, therefore, the sooner it reaches the BRINM administrative office the sooner it can be processed. Under no circumstances can a PI sign a clinical trial agreement on behalf of BRINM or VA. For more information regarding grant proposals or clinical trials, please contact the BRINM administrative office.

An administrative fee is charged on all funds deposited into BRINM. These funds are used for administrative expenses such as salaries, legal and accounting fees, office expenses, insurance and other necessary operational expenses. Exceptions to the administrative fees are made when donations are received from Veteran's Service Organizations or private individuals contributing less than $2,000. If you need information for a grant proposal please contact the BRINM administrative office.

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Interface Control Directives

BRINM has and will continue to work on Interface Control Directives (ICD). ICDs provide instructions for all program personnel, including principal investigators (PIs) and contract personnel, needed to meet BRINM's mission, operations and regulatory requirements.

ICD-201-Hiring pdf
ICD-203-Performance Appraisals pdf
BRINM-ICD-105, Participant Reimbursement Payments pdf
BRINM-ICD-102 Purchase Orders pdf
BRINM-ICD-202 Wages and Salaries pdf
Financial Conflict of Interest- Objectivity in Research

 Policy Guidelines  |   Funding Opportunities  |   BRINM Forms  |   Notices  

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